"SNAKES ALIVE" - Live Reptile presentations
Rick Teepen is a herpetologist who has been presenting educational programs about reptiles in classrooms around the Cincinnati area for two decades.
He has a very extensive collection of live reptiles  that he brings to his programs, some of which are very rare and probably wouldn't be seen anywhere else.
Rick has, in recent years, put a Christ centered focus on  his presentations and presents programs at the Creation Museum in Kentucky on a regular basis, and has presented programs at the Alive Music Festival in Canal Fulton, Ohio.
A typical presentation lasts about an hour. During that hour, Rick uses numerous live reptiles to teach about God's creation, snakes in the Bible, salvation through faith in Christ, and facts about the animals themselves. The audience has a chance to ask questions towards the end of the program, and even has an opportunity to have their photo taken with one or more of the animals, so you will want to bring a camera to this event.
Rick adds just enough humor to his programs to make them fun and entertaining, as well as educational. 
And yes, Rick will even  give presentations at your birthday party
"Dear Rick,
I want to thank you again for coming to Emma and Ellies' birthday party.  The feedback we’ve been getting over the past week has been excellent.  Obviously, Emma and Ellie had a fantastic time at their party.  But…a lot of the kids at the party have been talking about the “great snake party at Emma’s” at school.  So…it appears the kids really had a great time.  I loved Joe’s comment to you as you were walking out: “Rick…would you PLEASE come to my birthday party?”  I think that says it all!"
Bill Mc Kenna
  Fees are based on the distance traveled, and amount of shows.
 A demo DVD can be be sent upon request.
Presentations can be customized for your particular topical event.
Presentation message titles (examples)...
..."Snakes, A Look From God's Perspective"  (creation)
..."Beyond The Noise"  ("Be still and know Me")
..."Beyond The Fear"  (Sharing your faith)
..."Snakes Alive"  (Snakes in the Bible, and God's wonder)
Hi Rick,
We were at one of your snake shows a while back. We absolutely loved your presentation and highly recommend it to everyone! thanks so much!
Shelia White

"I had the opportunity to see "Snakes Alive" at the Creation Museum.  It was only a few minutes before I knew that this was the perfect program for the kids at my church.  Rick's love for Christ and his desire to share Christ with others is obvious from the moment you meet him.  The program he presents reaches out to both young and old.  We had people come to see him at our church from 2 years old to 89 years old and everyone enjoyed the presentation.  Once you see "Snakes Alive" you will look at the world through different eyes, really seeing all that God has created for us to enjoy." Jenny Halleck...Zoar Baptist Church,Coal Grove, Ohio
"Rick, Loved your presentation. It was great seeing you in action. You do an awesome job, your animals are beautiful, and it's wonderful to know that there is such a knowledgeable herpetologist at  the Creation Museum. Keep em laughing and learning and keep up the great work! "   -Jesse Rothacker  ForgottenFriend.org
"Well, I have to say that was a night that I will never forget. You were spot on with your message. The kids could not get enough of you and your reptiles. I also was impressed in the quality of reptiles that you brought. I would recommend everyone to see Rick's  program. He and his wife are the real deal. Their passion is awesome."  Todd St. Clair, youth pastor at The Solid Rock FourSquare Church of Coshocton
  "I've seen "Snakes Alive" twice now and I was both educated and entertained each time.  "Snakes Alive" was the finale to our church's VBS and the kids LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  I never thought that I would hold a snake, but Rick proves two things: God has a sense of humor, and you should NEVER say never!"  
 Shawna Reffett  
Northside Church of God      Muncie, Indiana  
 " Since your show, my son (who already loves and knows a lot about reptiles) has decided he might want to be a herpatologist (did I spell that right?) and use his love of reptiles to teach others about God!!!!!!! Fantastic! As a homeschool Mom, I'll be all over this and will encourage lots of reading up this year, am looking into 4-H to see if there is a local reptile group, etc. Any suggestions for a budding herpatologist?
Think you might need an apprentice in a few years?  
Point is, your show has a great impact..I hope on those who don't know Christ..but also on those who do!
Hope to get back to you soon with a request for your show.
Thanks! "
Shannon Ferraby  (visitor of the Creation Museum)
My husband and I and our son and foster son saw your presentation at the creation museum this weekend and loved it.  My son has autism and doesn't seem to be interested in much of anything yet LOVED your presentation.
  His birthday is October 31st and was interested in having you to our house. 
Andrea Wrenn
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